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Red Guerilla Films was established in 2011 by brothers Peter and Nik Stylianou. Tony Currier joined the team and together they bring a creative,
entrepreneurial, conservative business, and film-making experience complementing a strong understanding of the process necessary to package, physically produce, market and sell feature films.

In 2013 Red Guerilla Films produced "Who Needs Enemies" which opened in 14 UK cinema screens where the film was loved by audiences and met with some four star reviews by mainstream critics. It is now available all over the world on DVD and VOD as well as being broadcast recently on London Live and Sky Cinema. In 2020 they made their second film 'The Lost' which had a VOD release by Journeyman Pictures.

Since then Red Guerilla Films has been producing music videos for Sony Music and in 2020 completed their second feature film "Bloodhound" which will be released worldwide in 2020.


"The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle."




The astonishing success of such low-budget films as "The Blair Witch Project" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", $141 million and $241 million in domestic box office respectively, signalled a new day for independent films. These films (followed by other independent film successes - Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Babel, and Crash among others) began and accelerated the process of revolutionizing how studios and distributors look at the production and marketing of films.

Independent films can vary widely in budget, from as low as £15,000 up to multi-million dollar efforts, but their similarity lies in the freedom from the homogeneity of studio production. By definition, an independent
film is one that is financed by any source other than a U.S. studio. With their ability to take more time and their need to plan budgets more carefully than studios tend to do for their big-budget films, smaller companies are able to give greater attention to crafting and producing their lower-budgeted, intelligent films. Unlike the Hollywood studios, the independent production companies are able to avoid substantial overhead.

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