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Peter has made music videos for Sony Music and freelances as a technical advisor for YouTube space London as well as being a go-to videographer and photographer for Airbnb and many other clients.

Since 2003 Peter has written and directed numerous short films and was a finalist in the BSSC short screenplay completion. In 2013 he wrote and directed his ‘micro-budget’ feature film debut ‘Who Needs Enemies’ which now has international distribution on various VOD and DVD outlets.

Peter is a prolific auteur with an insatiable thirst for screenwriting. He's learned from the masters, perfecting the principles of the 'heroes journey' and applying them to his technical knowledge of film making.

Tony Currier comes from a sales and venture capitalist background. Tony also took up acting and gained on-set experience in many mainstream films like 'The Sweeney'. Tony is also an avid film-fan and began training
as a film producer in 2012 with Raindance before joining forces with Red Guerilla Films and taking on his first production 'Who Needs Enemies'



Nik was previously an award winning top executive and shareholder of 2 of London’s most revered Property companies, Hamptons International and Chestertons, however, Nik's passion for film coupled with his obsessive knowledge of Hollywood saw him use his sales experience to raise funds for the development and production of feature films.


Nik's first feature film 'Who Needs Enemies' was a commercial success, being released on over 14 UK cinema screens and showcased on UK TV. It also found worldwide distribution and is currently on sale in USA and various other worldwide territories. Nik is currently developing 3 projects with Red Guerilla Films and other Co-partners.

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