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I AM GHOST - How it rose from the dead!

Around 2018, after a bad breakup, I spent a lot time at home. My brother and I shared a flat in North London, and like most people who had their heart destroyed by the cruel world I was a former shell of myself; hardly ever went out, didn't want to see anyone, isolated myself from the world...I felt like a ghost. Observing the world from my window but no longer wanting to partisipate. This was when I first put pen to paper for the script which was then called "I Woke Up Dead" which was about a muscian ghost who also never leaves his flat. He doesn't remember what happened to him, how he died, why he cannot leave...his only outlet is music. His art. I wrote around five drafts of the screenplay then overwrote it (which tends to happen) until it became unrecognisable. So I put it away in a draw and continued with other projects.

Then in 2021 I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw an actor/musican that I worked with a couple years prior, named Sam Woodhams. I always knew Sam was a good actor but I had no idea he was also a great musician. It clicked...this is the ghost in my film. I quickly dug up the old script, one of my earlier drafts and read it one morning...I found myself laughing and crying by the end. It was brilliant. So I reached out to Sam, he read it and within an hour sent me a song he made for it called "I woke up dead." I knew we had something here.

So I redrafted the script a few times and changed the title to "I AM GHOST." I sent it out to a few trusted people to read and they too agreed that we have something special here. I'm very critical about my own work but it reallt is a beautiful script, full of heart and humour. With Sam's acting and music over the soundtrack this will be something amazing and I cannot wait to not only shoot it but to see it in a cinema. I know it will's only a matter of time before this ghost gets a life!

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