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STONEWALL - Countryside gangsters!


An ex member of an Irish crime family tries to start a new life on his own in the country but his old gangland ties won’t let him go without a fight.

Cockney Gangsters are a thing of the past and so are the films in many ways. For me, the new gangland culture for British indie films is what I call “countryside gangster”. The Irish mob who run the drug tracking from Amsterdam to the UK are at the centre of this film. Inspired by the realistic gangster films like ‘Animal Kingdom’, ‘Calm With Horses’, these are gangster films but without the cliché’s. Films that can be marketed to the Brit gangster film fans but also nd a more global art-house market like those films mentioned also did.

Stonewall has a similar structure to the lm ‘Drive’; the first half is a set-up for the second half which is pure carnage! A siege on the house full of guns and blood (similar to Gangs of London episode 5) which should please the gangster fans. Stonewall has themes of the world post pandemic, isolation, mental health, religion and violence. It takes place in one country home and the surrounding land so budget and shoot days can stay low.

Stonewall came about in 2016 when I was thinking of an idea that could take place around one countryside property. Something involving Irish gangsters and a shootout to remember! I wrote Stonewall and sent it to Kris Johnson (Who Needs Enemies, Confession) who immidiately loved the concept. Over the next few years we honed the script until finally it is ready to shoot!

We hope to start production around the fall of 2021. Stay posted for this gangland masterpiece!

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